While growing up in a rural farming community our stewardship to the land was sewn within the social fabric in order to a sustainable environment. Daily practices were intertwined with useful stories, time-honored techniques, and information that kept pace with the revolution of seasons. These created opportunities to edit or improvise, forging an appreciation for sharing information and observing foundational principles as roots that change over time. The dialogue from my upbringing continued to find itself in interactions as I used analogies from agriculture to interpret new spaces that in turn examined farm heritage from the new vantage point.

In my practice, I begin with images and objects familiar to me, cultivated from significant personal memories layered with information from critical sources or tempered by the current social debates. Utilizing different methods of preservation, I select materials to conflict with the construction or narrative promoted by the work. Through text, imagery, and tools, I examine the way language choices and symbolic actions have in shaping identity. At times this leads me to juxtapose certain practices with the residual effects that leave resources withered and depleted, reducing the function of the object to a reliquary.

I am exploring the idea of boundaries, in terms of land conservation and contemporary social issues, and the coded language for shaping spaces and physical surroundings. Specifically, I aim to address the tensions that occur when our ideas are tested, modified, or seen to resist the evolving state of the world. I invite viewers to reflect on the artwork so we may understand them as contributing factors, built upon layers of experience and iterations of a common thread, progressively interwoven to form a picture of today.

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